Solutions For Industry

Metchine supplies engineered solutions for a variety of process operations; consistent, reliable performance and superior value. Advanced products operating across a broad range of industrial uses, applications and process demands. Offering the latest technologies, Metchine supports the requirements of modern industrial production and service operations. When solutions are required, Metchine delivers.

industrial cleaners

Cleaner Products for Pretreatment, Production Process & Maintenance  

product application

Spray, Immersion, Wand, Barrel, Vibratory, Maintenance

cleaner Designs

Alkaline, Acidic, Neutral pH, Low Temp, Ferrous, NonFerrous

Solution Forms

Liquids, Powders, Etch, Non Etch, Low Foam, Green 

The place where you’ll get advanced cleaners for your industrial process needs.

Formulated Cleaning Solutions


Surface Treatment Solutions for Industrial Finishing Operations

Product application

Conveyor Spray Wash, Immersion Tank, Pressure Wand

Pretreatment designs

Iron, Zinc and Manganese Phosphate, Zirconium, Dry In Place

Solution Forms

Conversion Coat Phosphate, Clean & Coat, Non Phosphate

The place where you’ll get advanced pretreatments for your finishing needs.

Advanced Surface Treatments


Specialty Products for Industrial Finishing & Maintenance Operations 

product application

Spray Washer, Immersion, Wand System, Maintenance Use

specialty Designs

Additives, Activators, Strip Solutions, Neutralizers, Rinse Aids

solution Forms

Liquids, Powders; Production, Maintenance & Lab Solutions

The place where you’ll get advanced specialties for your unique industrial needs.

Industrial Specialties

machining fluids

Cutting, Grinding, CNC Solutions for Modern Machining Operations

product application

Grinding, Cutting, Drilling, Milling, CNC Machine Solutions

machining fluid Designs

Oils, Soluble oils, Semi Synthetics, Synthetic Fluids

solution Forms

Machine Shop Solutions; Coolants, Sump Cleaners & Additives

The place where you’ll get advanced fluids for your machining needs.

Machine Shop Solutions

metalworking lubricants

Lubricants & Fluid Blends for Metalworking Operations

product application

Drawing and Stamping Solutions, Ferrous and Non Ferrous

metalworking lubricant Designs

Oils, Dry Films, Water based Synthetics, Polys, Soaps

solution forms

Precision Drawn, Multi Stage, Deep Drawing, Cold Forming

The place where you’ll get advanced lubricants for your metalworking needs.

Metalworking Products

process Lubricants

Process Lubricant Products for Industrial Operations 

product application

Rolling Oils, Quench, Conveyor, Maintenance

process lubricant Designs

Oils, Soluble Oils, Hybrid, Synthetics and Dry Film

solution Forms

Solutions for Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal Production

The place where you’ll get advanced lubricants for your process needs.

Lubricants for Industrial Process

Corrosion Inhibitors

Rust Preventive Products for Industrial Metal Storage Requirements 

product application

Short Term, Long Term Storage, In-Process RP’s

corrosion inhibitor Designs

Oil, Solvent, Emulsion, Water Based, Cleaner / RP’s

solution Forms

Water Displacement, Dry Film, Ferrous and Non Ferrous

The place where you’ll get advanced solutions for your metal surface needs.

Metal Storage Solutions

maintenance fluids

Solutions for Industrial Maintenance Requirements 

product application

Surface, Tank, Floor, Equipment, Process , Water Solutions

maintenance product Designs

Green, Alkaline, Acidic, Neutral pH, Low Temperature, Specialty

solution Forms

Custom Blends, Detergents, Oils, Solvents, Films, Greases

The place where you’ll get advanced solutions for your industrial needs.

Maintenance Products for Industrial Facilities

food & beverage

Advanced Fluid Solutions for Food & Beverage Operations 

product application

Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting Process Facilities

food & Beverage Designs

Alkaline, Acidic, Lubricants, Detergents & Degreasers

solution Forms

Foaming, Non Foam, CIP Solutions, Chlorinated Detergents

The place where you’ll get advanced solutions for your production needs.

Solutions for Food and Beverage Operations


“Green” Formulations for Modern Industrial Operations 

product application

Spray Wash, Immersion, Pressure Wand, Maintenance Use

"green" Designs

Non Hazardous, DOT Not Regulated Solutions, Safety Solutions

solution Forms

Modern, Environmental & User Friendly Product Formulations

The place where you’ll get advanced solutions for the needs of your facility.

Products for a Better, Safer Workplace

wire & tube

Industrial Process Solutions for Wire & Tube Production 

product application

Spray, Immersion, Injection, Flow Coat

Wire & Tube Designs

Zinc Phosphate, Lubricants, Soaps, Polymers, Pastes, Synthetics

solution Forms

Full range of solutions for Wire and Tube processing

The place where you’ll get advanced formulations for your process requirements.

Solutions for Wire and Tube Production


Custom Formulations for Unique Industrial Requirements 

product application

Spray Wash, Immersion, Wand System, Maintenance Use

custom Designs

Green, Non Haz, Alkaline, Acidic, Neutral pH, Low Temperature

solution Forms

Updates, Reformulations, Process Simplifying, Hazard Reducing

The place where you’ll get custom solutions for your unique requirements.

Custom Formulated Products

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