For Industrial Operations…

metchine Industrial products Inc.

Simply Advanced

Metchine Industrial Products Inc. (MIP) supplies engineered solutions for manufacturing and related process operations in North America. MIP delivers advanced products, proven performance and reliable results. Metchine’s industry experience and supply capability is offered to enhance and support production success. When looking to advance your operation, MIP is here to help.

solutions for industry

Engineered products for today’s industrial operations.

surface treatments

Process cleaners, conversion coatings, washer solutions;  integrated product systems for finishing operations.

metalworking lubricants

Engineered solutions for metalworking requirements. Blended lubricant products for a host of industrial applications.

Fluid solutions

Fluid solutions for production and maintenance uses. Formulated for a variety of requirements. Custom designs available.

MIP offers advanced solutions for today’s industrial needs.

Solutions for Finishing Operations

Need solutions for your process? We are here to help!